Saturday, May 27, 2017


By: Bruno Mars

Hey guys! For our next project we are doing music videos. In our group there is Ashley, Makaio, and Ala my team leader. We are in eighth grade so this is our very last project of our middle school lives! The song we chose was When I was your man by Bruno Mars. Ashley said we should do this song and we all said sure why not. Bruno mars songs most of the time are school appropriate. We also chose this song because it was also the only other option that we could just say and we would want our parents and Mr. Aiwohi watching and not questioning us about like why this was the song that we chose.I think that we can really make a good music video with this song. We were going to do a literal definition of this song but Mr. Sanderl said it might be a little awkward filming.

So our storyline for this project is pretty funny. Ashley, Ala, and I all have chickens and it runs away from us to Makaio. I feel that this relates to the music lyrics because it's talking about someone that he used to like leaving him and going on to another boyfriend. But in our version of it we all like this chicken and it leaves us for another person. Which I feel is just like his lyrics but a little less awkward since we are filming with friends. So in the beginning we are all holding a chicken and then the chicken runs out of our hands to makaio. In each shot of storyline it's either ala, Ashley or I trying to get the chicken to come back to us but it ends up going straight to makaio. We keep doing things that we think would be very good to earn a chicken back but Makaio knows how to do it better. 
I think this music video shows that we have learned a lot in this class. My whole team was in here for all three years of our middle school years. So we have the potential  to make very high quality work. We have a bunch of shots with composition and very good lighting and scenery. At the beginning we have a bunch of awesome shots. I have two favorite shots in the music video. The first shot in the very first thing you see, it's an opening drone shot of the landscape. The next one is in the middle and it has Ala, Ashley, and me. Ashley is there first and then I appear (with Martha the chicken) then Ala appears. At the end I throw the chicken and let it fly away signifying that we have got over the fact she chose Makaio or us. I really believe it is high quality and that we can win. 

Monday, April 10, 2017


In our new project we are making a movie trailer. My new group is Kalista Brigante, Blossom Novoa,  and Wailana Marvin. We have to make a 90- 120 second original movie trailer that can't be what has already been made. The voice actor has to be really committed to the script to make sure that everyone will want to watch the movie if it ever came out and while watching the trailer they keep looking at the screen and not away saying," Turn it off!". In the plan I helped to do the VA script and the Storyboard. I also helped them to film, I brought my gopro so we could have water footage. I helped right what we are going to hear and see in the movie trailer. I am also going to be a character in the movie trailer. Our movie trailer is "Escape" and it's about a surfer who finds wax and uses it. While surfing she falls off her board and wakes up in a different world; there are two girls there along with a doctor. She wakes up in a surprise and the doctor tells her that she is the chosen one.

I think we did things really good and there was other things that we could have done better. One big thing that we could've worked on was communicating. Another thing we could've done was getting a day that worked for everyone.  Another thing I think we could have done better was making the video longer because it was supposed to be 1:30 seconds but we made it 1:14. Besides these things I think we did really well in creating the story and producing it. When editing we didn't use any transitions which I think made the production quality way higher. I think that the editing and filming was done really well. I feel that we made it super high quality and really good. I think that our teamwork was really good and together we made a really good movie trailer.

In the critique it said we had a lot to improve upon. I think that I will have to agree with the results because we didn't meet all the requirements. If we made the time limit I feel like we probably would've got better scores. For creativity I feel we did pretty good and the class thought that too. But for audience the class said we did pretty good and i'm happy with that. Overall I thought that we did pretty good but i'm pretty sure we did the best on creativity. That was the one that we got the most above & beyonds. If we made a few tweak adjustments we would have gotten a better grade. But really I thought we did pretty good considering that we had to film in the water and had a few struggles with the camera. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

After we finished our poly portraits we decided to do animation next. We got to pick our own teams and who we wanted to work with. My team consists of Micah Miller, Taylor Chang and Ashley Alfiler.  We had to come up with two focus statements that go in the order noun verb noun for example Rock sprouts flower. After we came up with two focus statements that got approved by mr Sanderl , our teacher, we had to come up with a presentation to get feed back from the class about which idea they think would best work. After the presentation we had to fill out a production plan and storyboard to have an idea of how it would look before we actually shoot it and draw it out. We have to make sure that it fits the time requirement of 1-2 minutes with a custom soundtrack.

Our focus statement is rock sprouts flower. So pretty much a sad drab old looking rock gets thrown and stuff and a small seed is planted but cant grow. A girl finds him and decides she wants to keep him. The love and affection that this seed is getting from the girl makes the seed turn into a sprout then later a flower. So the plot is a rock gets found by  a girl and the affection the girl shows for him eventually turns into a beautiful flower. the first scene is of the rock getting thrown and kicked around while it gets kicked around.In the second scene Taylor walks up to the rock and picks it up. She also takes it to the waters edge to get washed off. Then in the third scene Taylor walks home with the rock.After in the fourth scene Taylor brings her rock everywhere she goes including surfing and school. Finally in the fifth scene you can start to see the little sprout everyday the little sprout gets bigger and by the end of the animation the sprout is a big beautiful flower. 

I thought the critique results were pretty accurate. We did a lot of things good but we could have made  those things better. I thought the audio was pretty good and so were most scenes. The drawing and animating on scene 3 could have been better (animated by me). The scenes that Taylor and Ashley did were really awesome and Micah made some really good soundtracks. I thought that the scene I made could have been more high quality. I agreed with the critique because the understanding could have been more clearer and we could have portrayed it so it was easier to understand but it was pretty good overall I thought. I thought that we did really good with originality and executing our idea.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

In this next project we were asigned to make a low poly image in photoshop. Smiling is something people do around the world. But in different countries it means different thing like in the united states smiling is more of showing respect for someone while in Switzerland they say they are one of the most happiest people yet don't really smile. Smiling doesn't have to deal with the happines of life it is what you are taught. But overall where ever you are everyone will have a facial expression on their faces even though it may not be a smile. 

First you need to take a picture and load it into photoshop. When in photoshop you make a new project and add any filters or adjustments to make your photo even better.Then basically the thing in common with all 3 is you take the lasso tool and make triangles and fill them in. Either with the eye dropper tool and Alt+delete or filter blur average then for all the other triangles command f. The very first one we did we made outlines and then filled them in. When we did the first one this was part of the outline steps. We had all the outlines say for our eyes we would select all the layers and merge them together and rename it eyes to help us keep organized; we did that for all of our features. After we finished the triangle in all of our features and liked it we would merge all the lines together. For the second one we went straight into the lasso tool and coloring it in. The very last one we used a combo of both and a new one for the breaking glass effect.

When we did it the easy way it was just sliding some buttons and creating it, EASY but it didn't come out exactly how I wanted it. When we did the first one we had a little more control on how big and small the triangle were and kinda how we wanted it to look. But with the second and third one we had way more control then the easy. We could hand pick the colors ourselves then the computer choosing it for us. We got to go in with the eye dropper and pick what colors we wanted and we got to make the background look super nice. I think one thing that the easy had that the others didn't was how fast it made it. Because it was made by a computer it was created in seconds while the other three took a while because you had to outline or pick the color you wanted. But I liked that we had a lot more freedom in the others than we had in the easy. I like the difference between the first two because in the poly-1 its kinda dark and not that bright. But in the poly-2 its really bright and looks a lot like her. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

We are on to our second project called retime nature. We go out and take time lapses and slow motion videos. We are sticking with our theme of poetry and making a 60 second video of nature. There are many ways that nature impacts my life. One way is that I love to hunt and hike, if there was no nature there would be no interesting places to hike and no place for animals to live so i wouldn't be able to hunt anywhere. I go to the beach at least one a week and that is like my safe place. I like to go there when I feel angry or sad because the water cools me down and makes me feel very calm. Certain places in nature has a certain impact on me like Anahola beach is where my Great-Grandma was scattered is where I like to be almost all the time I get to go to the beach.

Time lapses are videos that have are set to take a certain amount of frames every second. Slow-mos are videos that have been slowed down to make everything seem slower. There are different ways to actually create time lapses and slow mos. One way that you can create a time lapse is with your phone. If you have an Iphone there is a time lapse and slow mo feature is you scroll all the options to the left. The other way to create them is taking a normal video with either a camera or phone and uploading it onto your computer. You can use final cut pro's re time editing tool to speed up your clip or slow it down. If you try to create a slow mo with final cut pro it doesn't look as normal as it would on a phone but time lapses come out just fine.

The hardest part of this project was probably catching a really nice sunset because every night for the past few days has like a really pink sky but gray clouds were covering them up. Something else that was hard was creating my poem because I wanted it to be meaningful and make sense. My favorite part about this project was probably filming the sunrises because it make me think of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place and get to wake up everyday. Waking up early to shoot the sunrises didn't bother me because I get up at six and the sun actually comes up at around 6:20. I also liked that I got to use Final cut pro because I never got to use it before since we were always using Imovie. I also liked that we could work by our selves first because we get to practice using Final cut pro before working in a team.

Critique Reflection:
I agree with the critiques but the thing I could have done better in is the text layovers. I feel that I could have added colors and different fonts to make it pop and look different. I could have also re filmed some of the shots cause they were a little shaky. Other than that I thought that I did pretty good.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Design

HEY Guys, We started are new school year a few weeks ago and we had the option of creating a new blog or keeping our old one. I decided to keep this one because it has all of my 6 and 7 grade work, since I chose to do this I will now have all of my middle school work on here: Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth!!! Our first project as 8th grade G.T students is creating a poetic design. I think that poetry is a way for people to expresses how they think about the things revolving around them. I also think poetry is a literature that uses sounds and symbols that help create meaning of the poem. Poetry is a form of art that uses words instead of paint and crayons. I feel that Poetry is used as a way for people to express their feelings and their way of thinking.

Anahola beach where my Puna rests
I strive to do good on my tests
My life is like a painting
Always colorful never tainting
You only have one lifetime 
So do your best in the  meantime 

The rhythm of rhyme I used in my poetic statement is aa,bb,cc. It rhymes for two sentences then changes to another rhyme then repeats the pattern. I used rhyme because in poems it tends to rhyme a lot and because in order to write this paragraph I had to use it. Rhyme is the easiest one for me because I know a lot of rhyming words and there are a lot of websites that help you find rhyming words. When it comes to rhythm it is a bit harder because you actually have to come up with the rhythm your self.But it can also be easy if you use the rhyming words .When something has rhythm it flows into the next sentence and so forth.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Music Video Finale

HEY!!!! Summer is super close and ususally our last project is my favorite of all time.......... MUSIC VIDEOS. This year my teammates are Ashley Alfiler, and Julie Castro. We all have songs that we like to listen too but I guess when it come time to pick a song all the songs you listen to vanish from your mind so we went with the first idea that was given. The song that Ashley picked was sit still look pretty by Daya. Our storyline matches perfectly with our lyrics because we have a girl crying because a boy dabbed on her in the beginning and then walk away. Then in the end she walk up to him then dabbed on him. 
Fast editing montage sequencing is an editing technique that cuts the video to make it more interesting. In our music video we used this technique a bunch of times to make our video more interesting. My favorite fast montage sequence is where Julie, Ashley, and Me and standing in the middle of the field and at first i am in normal clothes and then when it comes back down I have nice clothes. Another one of my favorite shots is where there is a wide of Ashley crying and me and Julie come to cheer her up. Then we have a close of us patting her back and talking to her. Then we have another wide of all of us walking away while having fun! I think that when you use this it makes things more interesting and funner to watch. When editing you have to make it precise especially in music videos because you want the lip-sync to match the words or else it will look off and weird. In our music video we had to make sure that the lip-sync and the fast editing montage sequence matched and looked really nice.  
 This music video showcases my best work because we had to plan, use iMovie, Photoshop, and even filming techniques. Since we couldn't use our " music play back device" or a.k.a or phones we needed to film out of school so we had to plan where we were gonna go and film and how we were gonna get there and what we were gonna do. We learned how to use iMovie last year but this year we actually get the chance to figure it out and find out how to use it fully. In photoshop we have a hate/love relationship because sometimes it makes the most beautiful things and then sometimes it totally shuts down and we can't work on it. In iMovie it was hard because last year almost every time I tried to help edit they would say go do something else so i didn't really get that full knowledge I got just enough to know how to break things and add transitions

by: DAYA 
Could dress up
To get love
But guess what?
I'm never gonna be that girl
Who's living in a Barbie world
Could wake up
In make up,
And play dumb
Pretending that I need a boy
Who's gonna treat me like a toy
I know the other girlies wanna wear expensive things
Like diamond rings
But I don't wanna be the puppet that you're playing on a string
This queen don't need a king
Oh, I don't know what you've been told
But this gal right here's gonna rule the world
Yeah, that is where I'm gonna be because I wanna be
No, I don't wanna sit still, look pretty
You get off on your 9 to 5
Dream of picket fences and trophy wives
But no, I'm never gonna be 'cause I don't wanna be
No, I don't wanna sit still look pretty
Mr. Right could be nice for one night
But then he wanna take control
And I would rather fly solo
That Snow White
She did right
In her life
Had 7 men to do the chores
'Cause that's not what a lady's for
The only thing a boy's gonna give a girl for free's captivity
And I might love me some vanilla but I'm not that sugar sweet
Call me HBIC
Oh, I don't know what you've been told
But this gal right here's gonna rule the world
Yeah, that is where I'm gonna be, because I wanna be
No, I don't wanna sit still, look pretty
You get off on your 9 to 5
Dream of picket fences and trophy wives
But no, I'm never gonna be, 'cause I don't wanna be
No, I don't wanna sit still look pretty
Sure I'm a pretty girl up in a pretty world
But they say pretty hurts
And I don't wanna sit still